Welcome Participants in the Spring 2014 Adult Learning Innovation Institute: Agile Learning and Development Strategies for a Changing World!

Please take a moment to introduce yourself to your learning colleagues by replying to this discussion.

You may also download a suggested reading below in advance of our Institute.


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Hello all,

I am currently a student in the MAEA program at DePaul's School for New Learning and a corporate trainer for a major pharmaceutical company. I focus primarily on technical course development and facilitation.

I look forward to attending the Institute and I am excited to work with you all as we learn about "Agile Learning and Development Strategies for a Changing World."

Best regards,

Marcus Potter

Hi Everyone,

I look forward to the Institute and meeting you all. I'm a student in MAAPS and studying how CEOs of their own business use creativity and innovation to sustain a growing enterprise. By day I am a business coach who works with this group to become strong leaders, increase revenue and profit and lead the life they love. I am also a teacher, mentor and volunteer who models facilitative learning and the success mindset.


Hi All,

Pamela and Catherine are the BEST! I look forward to spending two days with them and you. I first heard the word "agile" associated with learning when this seminar was first announced and must confess that I thought is was a join-the-agile-bandwagon term. After attending the overview night, I was very pleased to be introduced to what appears to be a competency every human needs to better engage with our exponentially changing world. I know that learning how to learn has been on the minds of all of us associated with training (I'm a corporate trainer); I'm excited that this context of learning focuses the skill set in a more urgent and perhaps compelling way.  See you all next week! Dan

I am currently a student in the School for New Learning's MAEA program. I work as a parent liaison and my clients are mostly parents of elementary and high school students. I am looking forward to attending this institute because I love the idea of changing the world! See you all next week,


Good Day to All!

I am currently a student in the MAEA program. I am delighted to be apart of this workshop; as I am always looking for practical tools that can help me be more effective in an ever-changing work environment. Currently, I am the leader for employee engagement and effectiveness with GE-Capital. The Associates and leaders that I support  work at a very fast paced level which requires me to be flexible in the my training approaches and engagement strategies. I am excited to learn how I can do more of that to better connect with my clients and meet the needs of the business. See you all soon! 

I am currently an SNL undergraduate student studying organizational leadership/development.  I have a basic understanding of agile development in the IT world (I work for the certification exam development arm of an IT association) and was intrigued by the concept of applying it to professional development and organizational leadership.  I'm certainly looking forward to gaining a more in-depth understanding of agile learning this week.

Hi Everyone, I am an SNL undergrad student with a focus in business. I have taken several leadership classes and read about this course. I find the information very interesting and can't wait to delve into further learning on the subject. See you on Wed.


My name is Joan Maney.  I am the HR Manager for 1st Farm Credit Services in Bloomington, IL.  I have 20 years experience in Human Resources and have learned that there is nothing more important in this business than being adaptable and ready to change your style when needed.  I always enjoy learning new thing and look forward to meeting everyone tomorrow!



My name is Erin DeKnecht and I have worked in the training and development field for two and a half years.  I am employed full-time at my organization addressing T&D as well as various strategic and HR topics and programs.  I am also currently pursuing my master's degree in industrial and organizational psychology and am nearly half-way through the program.  I am looking forward to learning more about agile learning and development strategies as I feel the topic is very applicable both to my professional responsibilies and my schoolwork.

Excited to meet everyone tomorrow!  - Erin

Hello all,

My name is Cynthia Milsap and I teach part-time at DePaul's School for New Learning.  My area of concentration is the role of religious organizations in social justice and community development activities.  I have a special focus on African American Church leadership but also deal more broadly with the role of all religions and their role in personal and community leadership development.  I am excited to learn more about agile learning and its role in leadership development.


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